nuvi 2xx series
nuvi 2xx (WebUpdater)

nuvi 2xx series (region file only)

nuvi 2xxW

nuvi 2×5

nuvi 2×5 (GCD File – MTK)

nuvi 2x5W

nuvi 2x5W (region file only – MTK) software version 6.10 (new P/N 006-B1091-00) Not possible to be flashed with Mal/Sg firmware…

nuvi 2x5W TWN

Text files

Help files

nuvi 30 series

nuvi 3xx series
nuvi 300/350

nuvi 310/360/370

nuvi 360 Honda Access

nuvi 40 series

nuvi 465
nuvi 465

nuvi 465T (WebUpdater)

nuvi 465T Text, All Languages

nuvi 50 series

nuvi 5xx series
nuvi 5xx

Text files

nuvi 6xx series
nuvi 610

nuvi 660

nuvi 7×0 series
nuvi 750

nuvi 760

nuvi 760 TWN

nuvi 760 TWN Help Files

nuvi 770

nuvi 780
No specific download for this unit. Use nuvi 760 link above instead

nuvi 7×0

Note: Hardware is the same across all 7×0 series units except for the 750 which does not have Bluetooth and the 770 which has 4GB memory for transatlantic maps
Despite these hardware differences, all above firmware downloads are exactly the same and can be used for any 7×0 unit.

nuvi 7×5 series
nuvi 7x5T

7×5 Help files

7×5 Translation files

7×5 DSP Software

765 TWN

765 TWN Text Taiwanese

nuvi 8×0 series
nuvi 850

nuvi 860

nuvi 880

nuvi 8×5 series
nuvi 855

nuvi 865T

nuvi 885T

nuvi 900t (update file)

nuvi 1xxx series
nuvi 12xx

nuvi 12xx (GCD File – MTK)

nuvi 1200 Translation Files (region file only) software version 2.60

nuvi 13xx/14xx series

nuvi 13xx and 14xx series (GCD File – MTK)

Nuvi 13xx TWN (Webupdater GCD file)

nuvi 1300 and 1400 Translation Files (region file only) software version 2.60

Text ,Asia, nuvi13xx/14xx

nuvi 16xx

nuvi 2xxx series

nuvi 22xx

nuvi 23xx

nuvi 24xx

nuvi 24×5 e 25×5

nuvi 2580TV

nuvi 34xx series

nuvi 35xx series

nuvi 37xx series

nuvi 5000




Forerunner 310XT

Forerunner 405CX



oregon x00

oregon x50

zumo 660 (region file only)

zumo 66X Language Text (region file only)

zumo 66X Help Files (region file only)

GTMxx Traffic Receiver

GTMxx Traffic Receiver Type 3

GDBxx MSN Direct Receiver

Database for FM Traffic Providers

Database for MSN Direct Flight Status



BaseCamp for Mac

FlightPlan Migrator with USB Drivers

USB Drivers

Localization Data XML file

nuvi Keyboard Definition Files software version 2.70

nuvi 24×5, 25×5, 34xx and 35xx Keyboards

nuvi 37xx Keyboards

World Wide Volvo Dealer Database IMG software version 3.00

BMW Motorrad Navigator IV

Traffic Text Taiwanese

Other nuvi firmwares:




GPS Chipset firmware

GPS Chipset Type B (Bravo)

GPS Chipset Type M (MediaTek)

GPS Chipset Type M2 (MediaTek)

GPS Chipset Type M HotFix Data software

nuvifone Sync Agent – North America

nuvifone Sync Agent – Taiwan

nuvifone Sync Agent – Atlantic

nuvifone Sync Agent – Switzerland

nuvifone Sync Agent – Poland

nuvifone Sync Agent – Czech

nuvifone Sync Agent – Greece

nuvifone Sync Agent – Singapore

nuvifone Sync Agent – Malaysia

nuvifone Sync Agent – India

CNNA NT 2010.1 Junction View

Brazilian Portuguese-Raquel (TTS)(v) (~1,7mb)

Brazilian Portuguese-Raquel (TTS) (~12mb)

Brazilian Portuguese-Raquel (TTS) (region file only) (~14mb)

Danish Nanna (TTS)

Danish Nanna (TTS) (region file only)

Dutch-Claire (TTS)

British English-Daniel (TTS)

European Spanish-Diego (TTS)

British English-Serena (TTS)

Canadian French-Felix (TTS)

Canadian French-Julie (TTS)

Danish Ida (TTS)

American Spanish-Javier (TTS)

American English-Samantha (TTS)

Australian English-Karen (TTS)

Australian English-Lee (TTS)

European Portuguese-Joana (TTS)

European Spanish-Monica (TTS)

Italian-Paolo (TTS)

Americas Spanish-Paulina (TTS)

Flemish – Ellen (TTS)

Mandarin Chinese, Big5 Mei-Ling(TTS)

Norwegian-Stine (TTS)

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